For those who need the processing power to create stories that wow, Lenovo delivers.
Discover a range of devices designed for those in the media and entertainment industries.

Lenovo for media and entertainment

Whether your customers work in broadcast media, animation or game development, they need machines that can turn imagination into reality. With the unparalleled performance of our Lenovo Media and Entertainment range, the show is guaranteed to go on.

Maximize your creative output and bring more projects to your audience faster with the processing speed and certified software you count on for:
  • Graphic design and advertising
  • Visual effects and animation
  • Film, video, and broadcast editing
  • Video game development
  • Audio and music production
  • Web development
  • VR and AR content creation

Media and Entertainment Top picks

ThinkStation P340 Tiny


The industry’s smallest workstation.

  • One litre in total volume
  • 96% smaller than a traditional desktop
  • Offers extreme flexibility with a workstation
  • Focuses power, functionality and configurability
ThinkPad P14s


A stellar performance.

  • 14” FHD display
  • Powerful 10thGen Intel® Core™ processor
  • NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics
  • Epic all-day battery life
ThinkStation P620


Incredible performance power.

  • An air-cooled thermal system
  • Built-in suite of security solutions
  • Unprecedented NVIDIA®Quadro® graphics
  • Power of up to 64 cores and speed up to 4.0GHz
Yoga Duet 7 Hybrid


Stay productive and creative, everywhere you go.

  • 13” WQHD display
  • Ultra-light (only 1.16kg)
  • 8 hours of battery life
  • Powerful 10thGen Intel® Core™ processor

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